Where to buy my foreign cash?

Do I buy my cash at my destination or at home here in Toronto? 90% of time, you
will find better rates here in Toronto.
At your destination (of course depending where you are) you will be given an
opportunity to exchange your money at prime tourist locations where the rates
will be much higher or places like bazaars where you can be swindled by getting
counterfeited or out of circulation banknotes.
Remember that all foreign exchange bureaus located at the airports or prime
tourist locations, where landlords charge huge premiums thus making the
exchange companies increase their margins to afford these locations.
If you are not familiar with a currency, and change at your destination you can
also be swindled with a counterfeit and out of circulation banknotes at exchange
places like bazaars or other black market venues.
Don’t take the chance, and do your exchange at home especially, if you can get
your cash delivered to your home or office within hours and at great rates by