To Travel or Not to Travel

To Travel or Not to Travel Shakespearean Hamlet’s last words out of desperation ‘To Be or Not To Be’ resonate so much with current global pandemic and the impending question that is on the minds of travellers – To Travel or Not to Travel. Ultimately, one has to make informed decisions that minimize the risk to you and your community but at the same time if the risk is minimal than why not to explore those parts of the world that are virus free. The list of countries or regions is long but I would like to concentrate on one – Artsakh (officially known as Nagorny Karabagh), historically Armenian land situated between Armenia and Azerbaijan. But let’s leave politics aside and concentrate on this beautiful mountainous region that many compare to Switzerland. The region is already flourishing and taking advantage of the increased volume of tourists that are visiting Armenia (Armenia was voted as in top 10 travel destinations in 2020 by few publications including the Financial Times, Forbes and Conde Nast). You can travel to Artsakh only from Armenia, it is few hours of travel from Yerevan. And of course, can help you with USD and other currencies that are delivered to your home or office within hours.