How Much Cash to Bring to St Martin / Sint Maarten

How much cash to bring to St. Maarten / St Martin

It’s been over a month since the travel industry shut its doors in order to prevent spread of COVID-19 and I already miss the roar of the jumbo jets, in particular, at Maho Beach Resort, my favorite spot for watching Air France’ Boeing 747 landing in Saint Martin/Sint Maarten’s Princess Juliana International Airport and causing an uproar on the beach. 

It is a very unique island divided into French and Dutch sections, although you will not see a Berlin Wall like separation from the Cold War era, on the contrary you won’t even feel much the difference between the two sides. The island is rich with bustling restaurant life, you will find many jewelers, chocolatiers, and clothing stores, including brands that are not available in Canada like Petit Quinze. In terms of foreign cash, you will need Euros on the French side, and USD on the Dutch side (although the official currency of the Dutch side is Netherland Antilles Guilder but USD is widely accepted and the preferred currency of the merchants on the Dutch side).

As for the amount of money to take, it will all depend on many factors, but general recommendations that we give is EUR/USD 100 per day for an all-inclusive trip, and EUR/USD 200 for non-inclusive trip per day.